What participants have said:

It was a great retreat, if challenging at times but I felt really good after it. It’s so great to get the chance to work with people who really „get“ what breathwork is all about. (W.M.)

I’m feeling a thousand per cent better than when I left to go to the workshop. My heart feels a lot lighter, so I’m hoping if I continue with the breathing I can avoid the dreaded medication. (O.R.)

I am still ‘feeling the love’– thank you for creating and holding such a safe and loving space (J.D.)

It was a beautiful week and I felt so privileged to be watching the transformations taking place and to be doing what I love. Life continues to be a bit of a roller coaster at home with so many challenges :-)Looking forward to when our paths cross again. (M.W.)

Thank you so much for teaching me how to breathe – I’ll never forget this experience. I don’t remember my mother, but I know that if she hadn’t been so heartbroken that this is how she would have taught me to breathe, gently and with such profound love… you are so, so amazing and I am very lucky to have had an opportunity to spend time with you. (E.O.)

I’ve been wanting to sit down and write a proper email since returning from our exceptional breathing space and healing time together. A lot has changed in me from the breathing. I feel stronger and more conscious in my legs, my motivational energy is changing and some deep learnt behaviours have been broken, really quite profoundly in my brain.  The breathing sustains and my boundaries feel clearer, I am standing up for myself more! Balance is returning Heinz Gerd and Lera, thank you so much for providing such a safe, caring and nurturing environment for the breath work, you both helped me enormously to pass through painful blocks and to re-integrate. The healing continues and keeping my legs/self warm and loved! Thanks all for your love, support and understanding. Until another time   ( A.C.)  

Sad I won’t make this retreat this time but thoroughly recommend a life changing event with my friends Heinz Gerd and Lera Lange. Last time was amazing. I was on a high for ages afterwards. Breathwork combined with lots of wonderful techniques aimed at changing subconscious beliefs, your image and confidence. And, as they say, much more  (M.W.)

Heinz Gerd and Lera hold a complementary blend of skills and experience and together they create a unique space for transformation in a safe supportive environment, based on heart-centered, unconditional acceptance.Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing retreat. I loved it. I am still processing all the changes I experienced in those five days. I think you are both so special and I have come to love you both very much. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do – I am looking forward to the next retreat (P.W.)

It was wonderful to see how you and Lera worked so well together. With Lera I always felt that there was much that she knew and used which I had only ever glimpsed, and that I was being carefully watched, along with everyone else. That helped me to feel very, very safe. With you I always felt like there was a plan, a course and an intelligence which I could respect, and that I could act and react in any way as part of my process without you taking it personally or diverting from ensuring that the lessons of the day were experienced. I loved the structure of the 5 days, and that each day was only explained as we got to it. On Friday evening I had no idea how I was ever going to re-acclimatise myself to the outside world, and yet, as I burned the rubber, screeching out of the yard, I was more real than I can ever remember.     (M.W.)

You both give so much and the love on that Retreat was so present – it was the most loving Retreat I have ever experienced and you created it!  I think that everyone felt it!  (J.D.)

Thanks again for an amazing retreat, it has really given me the confidence to pursue my own dreams and hearts desires.  I feel so happy. Love, hugs and kisses to you both.  (N.P.)

What a wonderful loving space! Thank you seems so inadequate to Heinz-Gerd and Lera.  The love you gave and the space you both held for all of us allows such transformation to take place.  (D.J.)