These are big promises…. and here is how we are going to deliver

Derived from over 28 years of consciousness research and successfully working with thousands of people we have created an amazing Self-heal and empowerment program that is unique and highly effective.

First we assess where you are in your life right now and where you would want to be. Then we give you the analytical understanding of how the human experience works. This includes the newest scientific research into Neuroplasticity, Neurochemistry, heart and brain wave research, Quantum physics and behavioural development and psychology. Derived from these we have adopted and created highly effective state-of-the-art transformation tools and in our seminars we will train you step by step to apply these.

Once you have the intellectual understanding of how “things“ work, it becomes easy to detect arising sabotaging mental patterns, emotional states and re-occurring physical stresses, so you can start to choose consciously new and more supportive thoughts, feelings and emotions instead of subconsciously being „sleepwalked“ through your life.

Of course this also requires training in consciousness, awareness and self-observation, but we have numerous ways and techniques to sharpen your abilities in a playful approach. 

Most important though in the science of transformation is the setting, the atmosphere of the group and the intention of the people involved in the process. 

Most conducive is a heart based, loving approach set in personal safety and unconditional acceptance, while being focused on change inducing processing. 

We have received numerous acknowledgements on the effectiveness of our programs and the special love filled atmosphere we create.

Any moment in life you are standing on the threshold of a new beginning!