The Life Mastery Program works!

Results to expect:

Tools and Techniques we use

Thoughthygiene™ – a process to become more aware of your unconscious thoughts and responses patterns, using Kinesiology and EFT for effective clearing, a great tool to shift into more conscious and successful thinking.

Emotional response re-alignment™ – Our emotional response to re-occurring thoughts and feelings is hardwired by body chemicals. We use specific endorphin processes with biofeedback to break this wiring and re-link supportive ones.

Refocus™ – Constant re-directing of your focus on self-love, ease and success instead of being focused on what’s wrong

Quantumrealityshift™ – Making use of Quantumreality approaches in guided processes and meditations.

Positive change can only happen in the presence of love and safety. We teach and apply conscious parasympathetic nerve system activation and train you in heart-based living, the science of coherent heart and brainwave synchronisation.

Results to expect

You will:

  • Clear negative beliefs and stuck thoughts 
  • Release conscious and subconscious fears and emotional blockages
  • Break emotional addiction patterns to negative belief systems 
  • Find and step into a new vision of your future life 
  • Shift into a new perception and focus
  • Replace judgements through acceptance
  • Clear resistance to receiving
  • Reclaim playfulness and ease in life
  • Increase your enjoyment and happiness
  • Achieve what you want with ease and effortlessly

The Life Mastery Program offers you a way out of robotic living – away from automatic thinking, being and doing, from literally “sleepwalking” through your life – while dreaming and hoping for a better one.