5 – day residential retreat and Breathwork training in Totnes, Devon

Summer 2025
 “Mental and Energy Detox – Aliveness Intensive”

When we face intense moments in our life we tend to hold our breath. Over time this translates into physical and emotional holding patterns that have locked up these experiences. Thus neither the breath can flow freely and deeply, nor your energy resulting in low health and vitality levels. This directly impacts on your experience of joy and happiness.

Opening and clearing these holding patterns with breath and body work creates free flow in your life and peak experiences during these practises. 

An event not to be missed if you value a free and powerful life.

Residential retreat and Breathwork training module for newcomers and experienced Breathworkers alike. Focus on facilitation of various Bodywork modalities and emotional release techniques in Breathwork sessions.

With certificate of completion for 48 active CPD hours.