How does the Life Mastery Program work?

Most of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours function automatically. Unconsciously acquired beliefs from early developmental states become deeply engrained in the sub-consciousness due to the then prevailing brainwave states. These will be processed automatically over and over again by repetitive thinking and develop deeply engrained neural-networks in the brain. Strongly developed neural-networks attract thought energy transfer automatically, and a lot of our thinking becomes self-driven. 

Most people have experienced this “automatic thinking”. Suddenly realising certain thoughts running through their mind and have wondered, “What or why am I actually thinking this?” “It” thinks something habitually and automatically, and the only “conscious” thought there is, is the “thinking about the thinking” called Meta thought. We require these Meta thoughts for new decisions, new beliefs, new vision (created in the frontal lobe of the neo-cortex of our brain) to filter down through the limbic brain (which is our emotional brain) while being charged with positive feelings (creating endorphins) to arrive at the reptilian brain where all our automatic body functions and behaviour patterns are stored. 

If they arrive there repeatedly and finally are stored permanently, they have become your new “automatic” belief or behaviour pattern. This means your new and consciously chosen positive, supportive thought has established itself, anchored permanently and change has happened!

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Our tools for effective self-transformation:

We work holistically with your body, emotions, mind and soul. To clear emotional, mental and energy blockages from your system we use various goal specific forms of Breathwork with supportive bodywork, emotional release techniques, mental re-programming, NLP and coaching, energy release and healing, transformational psychology, shadow and process work, Creative Arts, Visualisation and Meditation.

In our retreats we support you to let go of unsupportive beliefs and loop thoughts, help you to replace them with affirming and empowering new beliefs and firmly anchor them. Additionally we assist you to release existing emotional blockages and limitations and to free up your dormant potential and energy. Finally we give you tools and techniques to allow you to keep the transformation process alive once you leave the retreat, so it becomes easy to integrate your new YOU into your everyday life.