The amazing tool of Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB)

One core pillar of our work are sessions of conscious connected breathing (CCB), also called Breathwork or Integrative Breath therapy. Using conscious connected breathing has many different benefits and effects, and allows us to transform easily and permanently. 

CCB floods our system with oxygen thus changing our body chemistry to accelerate inner cleansing and contributing for better organ and system functioning. After an initial energy build up through rhythmical breathing, release and cleansing happens, and your whole system relaxes into a deep meditative, yet conscious state, very conducive to mental re-programming.

Physical release and healing

Your whole physical system is flushed out during a session. Stress and tensions are released and deep-seated holding patterns (called body armour) start to melt away. This allows your body to self-heal and to regenerate.

Emotional release and healing

When in great emotional stress or overload, the coping strategy of our emotional system is to store the trauma somewhere in your body- and energy structure to process it later. Due to our instinctual avoidance of these states they remain unprocessed in our system, deeply buried in your sub-consciousness and the emotional energy body. Through conscious connected breathing, stored emotional stress and trauma is loosened and released, leaving you emotionally cleansed and relieved.

Mental reprogramming

Most of our belief systems we acquire during the birth and toddler phase (when our brain is like a sponge and functions mostly in delta brainwave patterns) and during the growing up phase from 2-7 years (when our brain is functioning mostly in theta brainwave patterns without analytical processing). During these developmental states the dysfunctional belief system of our parents and direct caregivers is transferred onto us. 

The next layer of programming is during our teenager phase (education system, societal imprints and influence through our peers) where we dwell a lot in alpha states of mind (Teenagers often seem like living in a world of their own – appearing “spaced out”). As adults in work mode, goal oriented and in daily functioning modus we live most of the time in beta brainwave states (unless we are daydreaming = alpha).

When we try to change our thinking and behaviour by forming new conscious decisions we do this from a “beta brain”. But our sabotaging and conflicting negative beliefs are so deep seated and low wave anchored, that is very difficult to change them by everyday beta brainwave processing. Guided meditation gets you to alpha, hypnosis touches theta and delta, but consciousness in the situation is missing.

During the meditative states in the integration phase of the breathing session we can consciously dwell in theta and delta brainwave states. Suggestions and mental guidance from outside can be integrated easily and new decisions and belief re-programming during this phase becomes easy, highly effective and permanent. 

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Gustav Jung
Energybody cleansing and realignment

We only seem to be physical beings but the truth is we consist of multilayered energies frozen into specific frequencies. Even on the physical level we consist of 99,99 percent of space and just a minute portion of matter, which actually turns out to be made of energy as well.  

Our energy body consist of several layers of energy, connected through energy “organs” called chakras. Theses layers hold emotions and thoughts and connect us to divine creation, people and the universe at large. The chakras process energetic interactions and energy exchange with other people and our environment. 

Due to trauma, stress and past-received energy violations our perfectly tuned energy fields went out of synch, and energies that were intended to be processed through easily and swiftly, remain now stuck in our system.

When we engage into conscious connected breathing we are not only breathing oxygen but also its energy content, called prana. Increasing the amount of energy in our system together with the resulting raise in frequency, allows the stuck, denser, low vibrating emotion and thought fields, to be loosened. They can than travel to the “surface” (our consciousness) and move out of our system. This results in energy body cleansing and realignment. Having released blocks to your energy flow, allows life energy to move better through your systems, thus enhancing well-being and your spiritual connection. 

In our retreats we use CCB in many forms and variations depending on the desired outcome. From super active breath approaches, to guided integrative sessions as well as pure energy breathing. Sessions are mostly music assisted, which ranges from deep rhythmic to evocative, meditative to trance, as well as state of the art brainsynch and entrainment music and last approx 2 hours.


The way that you breathe is the way that you live! Freeing your breath results in freeing your life!